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VG-Sunlite 1
  • VG-Sunlite 1
  • VG-Sunlite 1
  • VG-Sunlite 1
  • VG-Sunlite 1
  • VG-Sunlite 1
  • VG-Sunlite 1
  • VG-Sunlite 1

Model: VG-Sunlite 1

Name: 1st Generation Sunlite Suite DMX Channels Controller

Product Model:VG-Sunlite 1 

Commissioning Date:2012-02 

Sales Status:Selling 

Reference Price:

·Sunlite Suite, the lighting control software that outperforms most consoles/desks available on the market!
·Decoded USB-DMX signal, support multiple USB-DMX decoding, stable output;
·With standard 2 DMX512 output(1024 channels), the DC/DC power isolation and photoelectric isolation;
·Support connect with PC working and off PC working two selection modes, single chip microcomputer decoding, and external random access memory;
·Accept DMX512 light controller control. In order to realize the controller synchronous control the video software, through the interface into the 3D software control to realize the computer 3D effect and the scene synchronized;
·Setting up the 3D stage on the computer, to realize the computer 3D stage effect synchronized with the live stage light effect;
·Making audio and video synchronously to make up the music lighting effect show, realize using drag, move or extend the time scale of the audio and video to arrange the start and end time of lighting effect;
·Equipped with the memory storage to realize the off PC working, it’s the “Alone with the machine” working mode, you need load the edited programs into the memory storage box;
·Create your own lighting effect data or edit the exited lighting data, all the lighting effects will be included(such as color, gobo, gobo rotating, prism and so on);
·Built-in visual effect and programs with icons, it’s very easy to use by the computer mouse click;
·Output AVI 3D lighting effect;
·Support Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 32 bits operating systems, recognition automatically, plug and play.
·The software has updated:
1. The channels of independent mode has added to 512CH;
2. Built-in programs can be recalled to edit when using independent mode editing programs;
3. The shapes of the objects are visible when callout the object in 3D stage editing time.
·The minimum requirements of computer configuration:
1. Computer running windows XP system;
2. Processor frequency: 800Mhz;
3. 256Mbmemory (RAM);
4. Support Microsoft direct 3D video card if the computer with 32Mb memory;
5. 800x600 pixel screen.
·The recommended computer configuration conditions:
1. Computer running Windows XP system;
2. Processor frequency: 2GHz;
3. 1G memory (RAM);
4. 128Mb memory which support Microsoft Direct 3D video card;
5. 1280x1024 pixel screen;
6. The external power supply requirements of the USB-DMX decoder when off PC:
  Voltage: DC9V~12V;
  Current: no less than 300mA;
  Polarity: +center;
  Suggest using complying with CE and UL standard power supply.
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